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Veillee Cup and Plate

Veillee Cup and Plate

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Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery 


flower-shaped cup: W97mm/ D72mm/ H82mm/ 180cc

flower-shaped plate:   W127mm/ D127mm/ H21mm

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Just imagine yourself smelling aroma of fresh coffee and being soothed. To gain this experience, you will feel like using "Veillée" series of a cup, and plate during your coffee break. It is key that they are decorated with, as it were, western architecture-like pillars on the sides. As a result, this decoration has got to add glamour to its simple form. The Veillee cup is characterized as its tall cylindrical form which merges into its floral lip. The small plate can be a saucer of the cup or a snack plate.

Two color options. [White] & [Black] look magnificent and profound because red earthen clay is primarily used to both of them, which results in many shades of color and uneven glaze nuances.

To take your mind off a hectic day, enjoy your quality coffee break with our "Veillée" items.


*Each piece is handmade by craftsmen. The way color irregularities and baked nuances occur varies from item to item due to the properties of the glaze and firing degrees.

*Material Icon: Strong Color Shade Variations; Strong Color Irregularities; Glaze or Slip Drips; Pinholes; Crazing (Chaps); Iron in Powder.


Import directly from Japan

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